When was the last time you sat around a table, in a magical location, enjoying fine food and drinks, surrounded by 15 unique individuals from your industry?


Well guess what? Now is your chance to do just that!


You are one of a small and selective group of people who have been chosen carefully for this special Secret Dinner event:

Winning with Analytics:

Embedding Analytics to Differentiate and Increase Revenue  


Ok, so here’s the thing:

We won’t tell you just yet what’s the location, but trust us - it’s an amazing one.

We won’t tell you anything about the other guests - but they are all leaders in the industry and are groundbreakers in their own ways.

We won’t reveal yet what will happen at the event - but it will be worth your time.

Are you open minded?

Love meeting new professionals?

Then we want to see you at our first ever Zurich event!

Oh, yeah - did we mention that this whole experience is free of charge?

What’s waiting for you?

You, as well as the other guests, were hand picked because we know that all of you can bring your knowledge and talents to make this experience a memorable one.

Drinks will be served, followed by a special chef-made dinner, because we strongly believe in mixing business with pleasure.

You’ll have plenty to write home about - the Secret Dinner event is curated and designed to open your mind to new ideas, sharing yours and establish new collaborations.  

Attending the event will give you access to a selected global community of influencers and leaders, and that is always a good thing to be a part of.

Where and when?

Secret Dinner will take place on September 24th from


in Zurich

Once you RSVP, you will receive the invite with

more information.

Participation is 100%

free of charge

Coupon is available

Partners & Content

Winning with Analytics:

Embedding Analytics to Differentiate and

Increase Revenue  

 (By Sisense)


As in every Secret Dinner, we choose to collaborate with companies that believe in connecting people and in the value of creating significant connections as we do.


Who is behind Secret Dinner?

Hi there! I'm Talia Turgeman, the founder of Secret Dinner.

Nice to meet you.


I come to the table with over 6 years of experience in 

community building, marketing, sales, PR and public speaking

at global companies and startups.
 leverage this experience to help companies and individuals create new significant business connections and achieve their wildest professional dreams through Secret Dinner.

Secret Dinner is now operated in 5 cities and expanding globally day by day. 

> I am also the founder of Communicast - a global podcast about communities. I have hosted over 90 guests from companies such Facebook, Google, Salesforce, Wix, Airbnb and more.


Let's connect


 Employee Experience Manager, Wix 

Great combination of people. Beautiful designed space, perfect location

(Tel Aviv)


Founder, Serial Marketer

It's one of the best gatherings I've been to in a long time, and it's amazing how well Talia was able to find the right kind of accomplished, curious, supportive people.

(New York)


Digital strategy specialist, Microsoft

Very inspiring, the space was amazing, Interesting ideas, lovely people


Co-founder & CMO

I’m a sucker for meaningful real life connections so of course I loved every bit of it.
I’ve been in touch with the participants and gotten to know some of them better after the event.


What guests are saying?


Join us in Zurich!

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