Meet your hand picked potential business partners, in a fancy boxed-event delivered to their doors.

Night IN

How does it work?


You define who are your prospects, our team will make sure you meet them

A Boxed-Event

Our high end boxed event will be delivered straight to you and your invitees' door steps, along with an invite to your video event


After the event, we'll personally connect you with each of the invitees for your future collaboration

In this unusual time we're experiencing, reaching out for new prospects became
more complicated, and at the same time more important than ever. 



The Boxes

  • The box includes a top notch bottle of red wine and the right nasch to escort it. It also includes a perfume bottle, as we want to going-out-just-in experience to be complete

  • You are the host of the event and your content will lead the evening

  • We will research your prospects to create the best collaborations and connections for you


Our boxed events are fully custom branded to your needs, and include everything
one needs for an amazing night out, just in

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