Build Team Relationships




What is Secret Box?

In this unusual time we're experiencing, your employees may have taken their laptops home,

but not their team mates or office environment.

Secret Box helps teams and managers, create a team workspace and environment

while your employees are working from home.


What the box includes?

Every box includes everything your people need to feel pleasant while working at home, be more productive and also just know you've thought about them.

  • Team gathering - we'll create a pack that includes everything you need to create a team lunch or an afternoon coffee break, including all ingredients and a guided video-based activity.

  • Productivity - a bunch of goodies to help create a pleasant home work environment. 

  • Fun at home - your people are stuck at home. That sucks. We'll add something that will make their workout or Netflix time a lot more fun.

Choose your box

Afternoon coffee

Cookies, coffee/tea, timer, team activity

Team lunch



Lunch ingredients, timer, cooking instructions, team activity

150 NIS / $45

190 NIS / $55

Full WFH



Goodies, lunch ingredients, timer, cooking instructions, team activity

280 NIS / $90


Passover toast Box

Limited edition



Wine, chocolate, nuts, timer, team activity

250 NIS / $75

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or leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can

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